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Wanted by Night, the new Azzaro perfume set

Wanted by Night, the new Azzaro perfume set
Wanted by Night, the new Azzaro perfume set

Wanted By Night by Azzaro comes in a very original box

The start of September has barely passed when the end of year celebrations are already making themselves felt. The shelves of stores reveal the first gifts as well as the festive decorations that will accompany your New Year’s Eve. Perfumery, for its part, is not left out. The first perfume boxes are also making their appearance. Topping the list on the men’s side: the new Wanted By Night! Released in 2018 and with the scent of the previous Wanted, it plunges us into a powerful and highly charismatic universe. Focus on his new box with a particularly puzzling style.

The unexpected look of the Wanted By Night box set

First, let’s start by discovering the unexpected and unusual design of the new Wanted By Night gift set . While most men’s perfume sets look alike, Wanted By Night has nothing in common with the others. Forget the traditional rectangular shape. He opts for a cylinder decorated with two different colors. His look would become almost futuristic and is aimed at all men who are very focused on the future. Two circles form a sort of porthole, each of which lets us glimpse a part of what it contains. In this case, the Wanted By Night set contains the eponymous perfume presented in a 100 ml bottle, and as a gift, the matching travel spray, 15 ml. Thus, you will have no more excuses not to take your favorite perfume with you!

The mighty breath of Wanted By Night

The perfume Wanted By Night has a strong temperament and do not go unnoticed. Particularly sexy, he plays the card of bewitchment and seduction. For this, it contains a woody, oriental and spicy scent. Very warm, this fragrance gives us a wild sensuality and does not lack character. It begins with a powerful and spicy scent of cinnamon, a warm and sweet ingredient, associated with a juicier tangerine and zest. Then, Wanted By Night evolves into a more masculine heart containing red cedar wood chips. Its oriental scent is amplified by the presence of cumin and incense. These raw materials only enhance its part of the mystery. Finally, Azzaro’s Wanted By Night ends with a more animal trail wrapped in cypress and tobacco.

Who is the new Azzaro man?

Wanted By Night by Azzaro is a fragrance for all men who are not afraid of anything. Thought out in the image of Loris Azzaro himself, it is a bold and magnetic scent. Very eye-catching, it attracts all eyes wherever it goes. With him, desire rumbles and seduction is palpable. The atmosphere is set ablaze and the Azzaro man only amplifies his innate charm thanks to his perfume. This time, the night promises to be long and embellished with many encounters… See much more if affinities!

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