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Versace perfume Eros, for men

Versace perfume Eros, for men
Versace perfume Eros, for men

Who is behind the name Eros?

It’s no mystery to anyone: the house of Versace dedicates an unwavering adoration to the mythological period. Moreover, this is precisely where its logo in the shape of a jellyfish comes from. From then on, the brand decided to also give a name inspired by Greek mythology to one of its perfumes: Eros. But who was this character really? In reality, Eros meant the God of love and creative power. Moreover, it is from his name that the word “erotic” comes. This deity was honored in Ancient Greece and its main sanctuary is today located in Thespies. Very inspired by this God, the Eros perfume appears to be a compendium of sensuality. It seems designed to capsize the heart and pulls us into a whirlwind of feelings and emotions.

Eros, a fresh and woody fragrance presented in a sculptural bottle

Likewise, the Eros perfume bottle immediately announces the color. Presented in a thick cube of bluish glass, this essence imposes itself by its stature and has an unconventional design. Its hypnotic blue color and numerous geometric patterns, reminiscent of Greco-Roman friezes, orient its front face. A few golden nuances also give it a very refined air. This immediately makes you want to discover more about this perfume. On the scent side, Eros is characterized by an incisive and very fresh start with a base of mint and lemon. Her heart, on the other hand, instantly warms up. Sweet and enveloping, it contains tonka bean, amber and vanilla. Finally, the sensual masculinity of Eros asserts itself a little more in its base of cedar, vetiver and musk.

Versace Eros
Versace Eros

Versace is launching a new fragrance that will appeal to all ambitious men looking for new challenges.


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Eros – The Man by Versace

Mystery, desire, pure strength these attributes are at the heart of the Versace man. Indeed, the Versace man constantly pushes his limits, crosses all obstacles to achieve his goal and bring light.

With Eros, his new fragrance for men, the mythology and classical Greek sculpture, dear to Versace, are once again in the foreground. The god of Love is represented here in the guise of a strong and virile man, symbol of power and beauty in its purest form. Immersed in a classic decor punctuated by capitals and Greek statues, he walks majestically, indifferent to the elements that are unleashed around him. And as the rain, thunder and lightning rage, he raises his bow to the stormy sky to shoot an arrow. And Versace created Eros, the new fragrance for men that showered the world with its downpour of energy.

Fragrance – Eros

Versace Advertising Eros
Versace Advertising Eros

Eros is the fragrance that sublimates the masculine with a start of intense, intense, quivering and prodigious freshness given by the combination of mint leaves with lemon zest from Italy. In the heart, the fragrance evolves towards the disturbing sensuality of oriental notes, intriguing and caressing essences of vanilla, amber, and Tonka bean. The base notes enhance the composition of this fragrance with their accords of Atlas and Virginia cedars, vetiver and musk, bringing it intensity and power, celebrating an elegant virility.

Olfactory Family: Oriental Woody Fresh

Top Notes: Mint, Calabrian Lemon
Heart Notes: Tonka Bean, Amber, Vanilla Base
Notes: Cedarwood, Vetiver, Musk

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