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Valentino perfume Uomo

Valentino perfume Uomo

Valentino perfume Uomo

Valentino Uomo, a resolutely Italian fragrance

The Valentino house is an Italian brand particularly proud of its origins . Thus, she does not miss an opportunity to highlight them. Valentino Uomo is therefore the very embodiment of the image we have of an Italian man, at the same time Mediterranean, charismatic, and endowed with a subtle touch of rebellion in his eyes. The man Valentino Uomo is a casual and somewhat nonchalant character. Naturally elegant, it has in it a part of modernity associated with an indisputable authenticity.

In his image, Valentino Uomo is a perfume all in subtlety. He has in him a part of timelessness without falling into the overbidding of nostalgia. Valentino Uomo has an atypical trail associated with a very careful design.

Valentino Uomo, a compendium of olfactory and visual refinement

On the olfactory level, Valentino Uomo is an intriguing and complex fragrance. Very refined, it reveals several successive chords and is gradually discovered. Thus, it leaves room for a certain amount of mystery, which only increases its charm and its singular imprint.

Valentino Uomo begins with a sensation of limpid and airy freshness. The bergamot is nevertheless surprised by a more spicy part. Valentino Uomo does not lack character and displays his fiery temperament in a combination of coffee and gianduja cream, a first in perfumery. Musky and leathery nuances dress its wake. His masculinity, for its part, shines through in a majestic breath of cedar. Finally, it is presented to us in a very neat visual bottle. Pleasant to the touch, it nevertheless surprises with its infinity of small pins that play with the light. Its amber juice and golden finishes only amplify its refinement.

Valentino - Uomo Perfume

Valentino – Uomo Perfume

Valentino and Puig are launching a new fragrance for men from the House of Valentino, and it was recently promoted in sunny Venice.

Uomo by Valentino

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Uomo who wants to signify, a refined young man of timeless elegance, a sign of his lineage. His elegance is innate, he approaches life in a carefree way in keeping with the times. This man does not appear it. He is himself. Naturally.

Our charming Italian heir plays in his own way with conventions and customs. It is in the middle of the night that he prefers the city of Rome, calm and surreal, in its relaxed elegance and its endless possibilities, as in the theater and the cinema. It is the
Rome of statues, palaces, ruins, legendary staircases and fountains, the Rome of paparazzi and glorious film studios

Valentino Uomo bottle – iconic object

Perfume Uomo Valentino - Ad with Louis Garrel

Perfume Uomo Valentino – Ad with Louis Garrel

Combining tradition and modernity. A graphic and architectural bottle, evocative of power and refinement. Symbol of
the epitome of masculine elegance. A transparent juice whose subtle taupe tone contrasts with the metallic bronze reflections of the Valentino plaque. A vaporizer with a clean and graphic design, creating the link with Valentina.
A taupe case with subtly embossed paper, soberly decorated with a black label edged in gold with the Valentino Uomo signature.

Uomo Perfume – Suave aromatic leather

A signature fragrance that draws the intensity of its character from the quintessence of Italian elegance.
Perfumer Olivier Polge has imagined a fragrance made of history: classic, brilliant, its accords reveal themselves on the skin over
time. A resolutely Italian harmony made up of precise ingredients. Dropped in a crystal glass, a touch of myrtle liqueur caresses the luminous elegance of bergamot, revealing an aromatic freshness.

Valentino Uomo perfume bottle

Valentino Uomo perfume bottle

It then envelops itself in the scents of still hot coffee accompanied by the suave and iridescent notes of the gianduja cream. Finally, a pair of forgotten white leather gloves, slumbering under the majestic shade of a century-old cedar, composes the leathery and irresistibly masculine signature of the perfume.

Louis Garrel – Parfum Valentino Uomo

Louis Garrel, égérie du tout nouveau parfum Uomo de la maison Valentino

Louis Garrel a été choisi pour incarner cet archétype de l’homme contemporain, dont les gestes et le regard révèlent une histoire. Fort d’une personnalité élégante et complexe (il est issu d’une famille d’acteurs et de réalisateurs), ce jeune acteur séduisant et audacieux est dirigé par Johan Renck et photographié par David Sims. En un clin d’œil, la Dolce Vita épouse le présent : le passé s’inscrit dans un quotidien moderne teinté de sensualité.

Gamme Complémentaire – Parfum Uomo Valentino

Uomo Valentino Perfume - Bottle and Case

Parfum Uomo Valentino – Flacon et Etui

L’intensité du café rehaussée par l’éclat de la bergamote procure une sensation de fraicheur détonante empreinte de la signature Valentino Uomo.

  • Lotion Tonique Après-Rasage Valentino Uomo : Répare et tonifie la peau grâce à ses propriétés régénérantes.
  • Baume Après-Rasage Régénérant Valentino Uomo : Hydrate et lisse la peau grâce à ses propriétés apaisantes.
  • Gel Douche Revitalisant Valentino Uomo : Hydrate et revitalise le corps grâce à ses propriétés dynamisantes.
  • Déodorant Spray Rafraîchissant Valentino Uomo : Dynamise et respecte tous les types de peaux grâce à ses propriétés vivifiantes.
  • Déodorant Stick Sans Alcool Valentino Uomo : Apporte protection et confort grâce à ses propriétés rafraîchissantes.

Parfums Homme

Famille Olfactive : Cèdre – Cuir Précieux

Notes de Tête : Boisé

Notes de Cœur : Café Torréfié

Notes de fond : Bergamote – Myrte

Retrouvez le au meilleur prix chez notre partenaire parfums : Uomo de Valentino – Fragrenza Perfumes ainsi que tous les produits de la brand Valentino.

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