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Valentino Donna Rosa Verde, the new feminine fragrance

Valentino Donna Rosa Verde, the new feminine fragrance
Valentino Donna Rosa Verde, the new feminine fragrance

Valentino Donna Rosa Verde, welcome to the gardens of an Italian palace!

Since 2015, the Valentino Donna perfume has been promoting the image of Italy throughout the world. Its fragrance is inspired by the historic headquarters of the Valentino brand, located in the heart of Rome, in the workshops of Palazzo Mignanelli. Valentino Donna is all at the same time: contemporary creativity and authentic know-how, universality and the typically Italian soul. Today, after having been reinterpreted twice in 2017, Valentino Donna gives us yet another new trait of his personality. This time it turns out to be more vegetal and springtime than before. Get ready for a lush ride in the company of Valentino Donna Rosa Verde!

The fresh and sparkling essence of Valentino Donna Rosa Verde

Let’s start by getting drunk as close as possible to the scent of this new perfume. Valentino Donna Rosa Verde was developed by perfumer Sonia Constant , already creator of her very first version. Here, she chose to let her juice soar over the intense freshness of bergamot. Then, a floral heart takes over and reaffirms the very vegetal and poetic aspect of this perfume. Rose and magnolia are enriched with the racy power of mate tea. Finally, as if to reinforce all the daring character and determination of the Mediterranean woman, a more peppery ginger enriches the whole.

Valentino Donna Rosa Verde, a perfume designed in the image of lush vegetation

This scent translates an immense feeling of freshness. Valentino Donna Rosa Verde is a radiant and airy fragrance at the same time, which goes wonderfully in the spring season. He takes us with him on a fanciful journey, in the heart of a luxurious garden. For the record, it is more exactly inspired by the garden adjacent to Palazzo Mignanelli. He has in him a very strong emotional beauty and reveals us in his scent through multiple paintings: a swimming pool with clear water, the sun warming the skin, the perfectly pruned trees, the fresh morning dew or the refinement of the majestic fountains. . The landscape is beautiful, mixing nature with Italian wealth.

When the iconic Valentino bottle is adorned with spring green

Finally, note that Valentino Donna Rosa Verde is just as resplendent in terms of design as in scent. Its bottle naturally evokes the silhouette of its predecessors. Its transparent surface is traversed by an infinity of prisms that play with light. Yes, but not only… Through them, the Valentino brand wanted to evoke freestone typical of Italian palaces. The set is nicely decorated with a golden plaque bearing the name of this new juice, perfectly matched with its spray cabochon. The powerful silhouette of this container contrasts with the tenderness of its new green color. The latter breaks with the natural rigor of Valentinoand incorporates a more vegetal sweetness. In other words, the visual of Valentino Donna Rosa Verde is in perfect correlation with its scent. It reveals all the spring and vegetal spirit of this composition.

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