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Valentina Poudré, an ode to femininity

Valentina Poudré, an ode to femininity
Valentina Poudré, an ode to femininity

Thanks to the house of Valentino, Italian elegance has reigned over the fashion world for 50 years. Between elegance, chic and femininity, Valentino seduces great American ladies like Jackie Kennedy or Audrey Hepburn. Valentino’s first creations appear in Frédérico Fellini’s film “La dolce vita”… Valentino’s first perfume, released in 1989, is called simply “Valentino”. Released in 2011, “Valentina” is the start of an ultra sophisticated line. In 2016, the brand presented a variation “Valentina Poudré”, an ode to femininity .

Valentino likes to sublimate women

The Italian stylist’s ready-to-wear collections are ultra sophisticated, but more than anything, they sublimate women and their curves. It is his love for the beauty of women that led Valentino to create “Valentina” in 2011. Faced with the success of this ultra feminine fragrance, which reflects the feminine ideal, Valentino wanted to offer several variations. “Valentina Poudré” is a beautiful, radiant woman who displays a particular grace. Italian elegance is conveyed all over the world thanks to the Valentina woman.

“Valentina Poudré” is the most intimate version of all “Valentina” fragrances. It was imagined as a delicate caress, like a second skin. As the brand explains, Valentino “reinvents the art of dressing the skin while leaving it bare”. “Valentina Poudré” owes its name in reference to the Terracotta powder. Like a make-up powder, “Valentina Poudré” is deposited on the skin, almost invisibly, her beauty then shines through like a no-brainer …

The sensuality of Valentina Poudré

It was the perfumer Aurélien Guichard who had the heavy task of imagining the composition of “Valentina Poudré”. He succeeded in creating an accord of terracotta powder dressed in a veil of iris and tuberose. The “Valentina Poudré” fragrance dresses women in an ultra-delicate powdery veil.

“Valentina Poudré” begins with this terracotta accord. It mingles in the heart, with floral notes of tuberose and iris. The base is sensual and feminine, because it is composed of ultra creamy sandalwood and ultra seductive vanilla.

The sweetness of the tonka bean brings its final touch here. As for the bottle, it uses the codes of its elders. Always so feminine, the nude-colored bottle here features a three-dimensional sculpted flower. The rose, which is in fact the emblem of Valentino, echoes the ready-to-wear collections, because it is an essential accessory in the couture spirit.

A variation of the famous Valentina, “Valentina Poudré” is more subtle, even invisible, like a make-up powder that adapts perfectly to women’s skin. The ingredients have been chosen with care and give the composition a delicate sensuality. A caressing fragrance that cannot be forgotten.

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