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Valentina Blush, Valentino’s new treat

Valentina Blush, Valentino's new treat
Valentina Blush, Valentino’s new treat

After the Prada house and its Candy Gloss fragrance , it’s Valentino’s turn to combine the world of perfumery and that of make-up. The brand has just announced the release of a brand new fragrance called Valentina Blush. You guessed it, this is a reinterpretation of the brand’s famous feminine perfume, Valentina, which appeared in 2011. If it was once floral and fruity, it seems that Valentino has played the card this time. gluttony. So, how about tasting this new guaranteed zero-calorie candy?

Valentina, a range that smells of Italy

Since its launch in 2011, the Valentina range of perfumes has been the perfect echo of Italy. It must be said that the historic headquarters of the brand is located in the center of Rome, a stone’s throw from the iconic Spanish Steps. Thus, the Valentino brand has constantly elegantly affirmed its love for art and the great Italian tradition. Craftsmanship has always taken an important place in her creations and the new Valentina Blush is no exception to the rule. This highlights typically Mediterranean ingredients such as orange blossom. Likewise, its very refined bottle exudes an unprecedented eloquence typical of Italian women.

Valentina Blush’s sweet recipe

On the scent side, Valentina Blush does not actually use a lot of ingredients from the recipe of its predecessor. Indeed, this new juice has traded its citrus and fresh start from the past for a now more incandescent launch. Valentina Blush combines the fruity and sparkling aspect of cherry with the spicy heat of pink pepper. Her heart, on the other hand, always revolves around the solar scent of orange blossom. This brilliantly illuminates the whole of this perfume. What’s more, this plant also helps to make the whole thing more feminine and airy than ever. Finally, gluttony appears in its wake. Valentina Blush expresses it through a praline accord. It all becomes absolutely stunning and sweet, as irresistible as the best candy!

Valentino’s new, very feminine visual

Finally, note that the bottle of Valentina Blush is, as always, very worked. In this case, during the release of the very first Valentina, it had been talked about a lot. A real glass sculpture, this container displayed a generous roundness evocative of feminine generosity. The daring of the house of Valentino, for its part, was reflected in its vaporizer made up of a pearl dominating the whole. Three roses then came to decorate the front of this bottle. These echoed the couture of Valentino but also the sugar roses prepared by traditional Italian pastries. Now, this trio of flowers has disappeared in favor of a single, larger rose. Likewise, the white and pearly shades of the previous Valentina have now been replaced by a coral pink shade.

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