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Ultra Gloss Dior Addict

Ultra Gloss Dior Addict
Ultra Gloss Dior Addict

Ultra-Gloss Dior Addict, a real addiction to the hollow of the lips

The mouth is undoubtedly one of the most sensual and glamorous parts of the body. Nevertheless, it is still necessary to take care of it … A real asset, the mouth is thus beautified by multiple makeup tips. Thus, lipstick and gloss have become two essentials in the daily makeup routine. Also, for a shiny and fuller result, the Dior house has developed a real miracle product: Ultra Gloss Dior Addict. A colorful concentrate of technology, this product has many advantages to capsize your heart, starting with its many vibrant colors.

The multiple shades of Dior Addict Ultra Gloss

Ultra Gloss Dior Addict is a product that comes in 24 different colors, always lively and particularly pop. Thus, it is anchored in the heart of trends and ensures you an absolutely cute fashion effect. These little beauty concentrates are easy to apply and wear, pairing with many styles and sometimes offering a sheer, pearl or sparkling finish. Either way, Dior Addict Ultra Glosses promise to illuminate your face and bring a magical burst of shine to your mouth.

The three benefits of Dior Addict Ultra Gloss

Ultra Gloss Dior Addict is a concentrate of benefits combining three major advantages. It is an “Ultra Plumper” product giving the lips a plump, supple and refreshing effect. Tests have found an immediate swollen volume of + 14%. In addition, Ultra Gloss Dior Addict ensures an ultra shiny result. Thus, 97% of consumers say they are won over by the incredibly comfortable mirror film deposited in a thin layer on their lips. Finally, Ultra Gloss Dior Addict appears to be an ultra hydrating product. In fact, it provides six hours of continuous hydration and nourishes lips from their top layers to their depths. Thus, the latter are more beautiful day by day, as smoothed and plumped over use.

The application of Ultra Gloss Dior Addict

Ultra Gloss Dior Addict is applied directly to the lips, transparently, for an ultra glossy and light faceted effect. What’s more, its applicator is ideally designed to facilitate its application, delivering the ideal amount of texture for a glossy finish and a precise gesture. With the Ultra Gloss Dior Addict your lips will be sublimated with a real professional makeup, all natural and light.

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