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Ultra Care Red; The latest colorful lipstick from Dior

Ultra Care Red;  The latest colorful lipstick from Dior
Ultra Care Red; The latest colorful lipstick from Dior

Dior Rouge Ultra Care, a new concentrate of color and care for your smile

The Dior family has always had a deep passion for flowers. Christian Dior’s parents also owned a house surrounded by sumptuous gardens and a rose garden facing the sea. In this place, the designer discovered his first olfactory sensations, while gradually adopting his aesthetic universe, filled with of poetry and femininity. Inspired once again by flowers, Dior decided to create a lipstick. Dior Rouge Ultra Care is fully in line with current trends. Its colors are similar to those of flaming flowers. Its hydrating and soothing benefits come directly from nature.

Dior Rouge Ultra Care, a protective lipstick

First of all, let’s start by looking at the benefits of Dior lipstick. Indeed, it is not a makeup like the others. Dior Rouge Ultra Care benefits from all of Dior’s expertise in cosmetics. Its formula is enriched with several flower oils that take care of your smile over time. Thus, unlike the lipsticks of yesteryear, Dior Rouge Ultra Caredoes not dry out the mouth, quite the contrary … For this, he first uses camelina oil, a vegetable oil rich in many omega 3. Here, this ingredient softens and softens the mouth, while giving it more elasticity. Over time, thanks to this component, Dior Rouge Ultra Care regenerates and repairs your skin while helping it fight against the signs of skin aging. Without ever leaving a greasy feeling, Dior Rouge Ultra Care also rejuvenates your smile. In addition, this lipstick also contains jojoba oil, another natural ingredient recognized for its many soothing properties. Very moisturizing, jojoba oil preserves your skin’s water reserves while forming a protective shield on your mouth, to help it fight against free radicals.

The sparkling, long-lasting colors of Dior Rouge Ultra Care

In addition to its protective action, Dior Rouge Ultra Care is above all a lipstick with flawless hold and sparkling color. Inspired by flowers, it is available in pink, red or coral colors, more or less intense, ranging from sophisticated shades to other more natural colors. Dior Rouge Ultra Care offers a mat and luminous finish. In addition to its perfect pigmentation, it also surprises with its extraordinary tenacity. Dior Rouge Ultra Care remains flawless for 12 hours and leaves soft, pearly and luminous colors on your mouth. In the center of its grape, the initials of Christian Dior appear in a white color, which acts as an illuminator to bring extra shine to your smile.

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