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Touche Eclat Dazzling Lights, the new YSL limited edition

Touche Eclat Dazzling Lights, the new YSL limited edition
Touche Eclat Dazzling Lights, the new YSL limited edition

The Stylo Touche Eclat by Yves Saint-Laurent returns in a Dazzling Lights edition

The highlighter, also called a highlighter, is a fairly new small makeup product. Everyone talks about it but do you really know what it is for and what it is? The greatest makeup artists swear by it and the highlighter turns out to be a great addition to foundation. This little Stabilo in the color of your skin is simply used to perfect your make-up. It is an essential ally for strengthening the luminosity of your skin and structuring your entire face. Today, Yves Saint-Laurent has therefore decided to reinterpret his famous Touche Eclat Pen to make a Dazzling Lights edition.

Glitter invites itself into the heart of Dazzling Lights Touche Eclat

It’s time to party at Yves Saint-Laurent and the famous Touche Eclat Stylo offers a much more explosive look. From now on, it is covered with real fireworks and is revealed in a more luminous and electrifying edition. Its little golden tube is adorned with a rain of pink and silver sequins. From then on, the Dazzling Lights Touche Eclat becomes as useful as it is attractive. This is a real magic wand to use to enhance your makeup. In a single pass, Dazzling Lights Touche Eclat illuminates the skin, enhances the complexion and beautifies the epidermis.

With it, your face will no longer show its little flaws. Dazzling Lights Touche Eclat is an all-in-one product that camouflages shadow areas as well as fatigue. It sweeps away dark circles or irregularities around your lips, erases the crook of your chin or brightens the wings of your nose. The Dazzling Lights Touche Eclat is a highlighter that adapts to all skin types. With one click, it releases its fluid and reveals the best of your beauty. It offers a very natural look and takes care of your skin over the hours. Indeed, it is a moisturizing emulsion which preserves the quantity of water necessary for the heart of your skin cells.

How to properly apply your Dazzling Lights Touche Eclat?

The Dazzling Lights Touche Eclat can be used in different ways. It all depends on the application you make of it. If you want to wake up your complexion, all you need to do is apply it in small strokes to specific shadow areas of your face. In this case, cover for example your dark circles, the wings of your nose, the brackets of your smile, the hollow of your chin, the corners of your lips or your expression lines.

Then you just need to blend its texture with your fingertip. To bring light to your face, instead draw a strip on its middle line, that is, starting from the middle of your forehead, going through the bridge of your nose and down to the tip. of your chin. Then blend the product to create a sort of luminous gradient. Your face will then take care of its radiance. To illuminate your gaze, use it on your mobile eyelid, in the inner corner of your eye or under your brow bone. Finally, to sublimate your smile and draw a fuller mouth, apply it to the contour of your lips. Sensuality guaranteed!

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