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This is Her! The fragrance of casual Parisiennes

This is Her!  The fragrance of casual Parisiennes
This is Her! The fragrance of casual Parisiennes

Founded in 1997 by Thierry Gilier, the “Zadig et Voltaire” brand displays a luxurious “glam rock” style. Thierry Gilier is the grandson of André Gilier, the co-founder of the Lacoste brand. Lover of literature and more particularly of Voltaire, he decides to choose this name for the creation of his brand. As for “Zadig”, it is his favorite work… It will therefore be a total tribute to the French language. It was in 2009 that Zadig and Voltaire unveiled their first perfume “Tome 1”. In 2016, Zadig and Voltaire presented a glamorous duo “This is Her” and “This is Him”, released jointly.

This is Her, the most rock of Parisiennes

“This is Her” is presented as a perfume that is both refined and the bearer of the love of rock’n’roll. While “This is Him” ​​embodies masculinity, “This is Her” embodies absolute femininity, but one does not go without the other. Here, the “rock’n’roll attitude” is required and “This is Her” is a Parisian who takes life casually . Like the muse of Joséphine Le Tutour ”perfume, the“ This is Her ”woman presents an assertive personality, sure of herself and this gives her an ultra endearing side. “This is Her” offers the woman who wears it an irresistible, very special look that is immediately recognizable, a look that gives this Parisian a very rock chic!

The vanilla notes of This is Her

“This is Her” is an original essence. It was produced by two talented perfumers, namely Sidonie Lancesseur and Michel Almairach. “This is Her” begins with an ultra feminine note, sambac jasmine, which comes from India and the southern Himalayas. This one is associated with tones of pink pepper, in order to underline the rebellious character of “This is Her”.

Its heart is greedy and addictive, because it combines chestnuts, vanilla and whipped cream. Finally, the base leaves a creamy trail, enveloping thanks to sandalwood and cashmere wood, offering the “This is Her” woman an unexpectedly tender aspect! As for the bottle, it is purified and sober. So that “This is Him” and “This is Her” form a real couple, he sports the same bottle, black for him and white for her. Rectangular in the form of an imposing block, the bottle looks like a slightly broken rough stone. White has been chosen here to symbolize the pure side of women.

One of the most romantic couples in perfumery “This is Him” and “This is Her” ”. Because she is young and glamorous, she sports a casual urban look. The fragrance, seemingly simple, offers a daring composition that denotes the rock’n’roll aspect of “This is Her”.

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