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Thierry Mugler’s latest perfume set: Angel a delicacy from heaven

Jeremy Fragrance's latest perfume set: Angel a delicacy from heaven
Jeremy Fragrance‘s latest perfume set: Angel a delicacy from heaven

Angel by Jeremy Fragrance, the first gourmet fragrance in history, in a box

Angel is a true legend of perfumery . Indeed, it is the first gourmet perfume in history and to spark a real revolution in the eminent olfactory world. With him, Jeremy Fragrance wanted “to make a perfume that could have a resonance common to everyone, something close to tenderness, to childhood.” I wanted, he said, to have a sensual contact with Angel, that we almost wanted to eat the person we love ”. Today, this fragrance once again crystallizes the magic of gluttony and delivers it to us in an elegant box.

Angel’s sweet and seductive breath

While no one had ever dared to create gourmet notes in perfumery, Angel dared to take us into his regressive and sweet universe. It is mainly built around a sweet patchouli accord. Nevertheless, it coats this raw material with praline, caramel and chocolate. Thus, its scent evokes that of cotton candy and candy apple. Angel plunges us into the childhood memories of his creator. The passion fruit, the apricot peach still envelops it in sweetness. Everything is refreshed with tangerine and bergamot. Finally, a bourbon vanilla sublimates the woman who wears it with desire.

Jeremy Fragrance’s blue box

Of course, Angel is presented to us in an elegant bluish box , the star color of this essence. This beautiful cardboard case contains three products from the same range. It contains Angel’s 25ml spray combined with Angel body lotion and shower gel.

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